Personal Training Online

(All included for $129 a month)

Overview: Online personal training with programs delivered directly to your phone or tablet. Personalized workouts, nutrition coaching, accountability, habit forming etc. are all included for one monthly price!

Training Program: Every program is specifically tailored to the goals of the client, no two workout plans are alike. You can be confident that your program has been carefully crafted to help you reach your goals.

Nutrition: Flexible eating/dieting is highly encouraged. What to eat doesn’t need to be complicated; eat the foods that you like while maintaining your nutrition goals (macros, daily calorie target) for success.

Coaching: Clients are equipped with the knowledge that they need to succeed. Whether it’s a new healthy habit, information on a particular food, or modification of an exercise, that’s all taken care of.

Communication: Several forms of contact are available including: text, email and messenger. Additionally, all clients have access to a private Facebook group to ask questions, post videos of their workouts etc.

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