California Farmers Are Using Oil Field Water For Crops

Oil Rig

If you live in California, or consume produce from the state, then there’s a decent chance you’ve eaten a fruit or a vegetable that has been watered by oil field water. In Kern county, around 10% of the farmers utilize recycled water that Chevron has sold to them; using the water on close to 45,000 crops. This oil waste water program has been in effect for over 20 years now, and is celebrated by local officials but there’s growing concern these crops have been contaminated. Experts warn that the water testing should be given more rigor. While the standard tests for disease or pests are ongoing, at this time, no one is checking for water-born chemicals. That’s right folks, It isn’t known whether that orange, apple or walnut etc. from California you’re eating is actually safe to consume! For more on the story, head on over to LA Times.

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