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How to Do Planks Correctly

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9-29-17 Facebook Live: How to Begin with Strength Training

Cliff Notes from My Facebook Live on Strength Training

(Check with your doctor first. Make sure you’re cleared to do a strength training program.)
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The New iPhone 8 and Phone Shaming

Marc’s Intro Video

My First Full Workout Week Completed! | Nina’s Comeback

Introduction Video | Nina’s Comeback

9-8-17 Facebook Live: Dealing with Low Energy

Cliff Notes from My Facebook Live on Energy


Check with your doctor first

-Have blood work done to make sure all of your health markers are okay.
-How is your thyroid?
-Are you nutrient deficient?
-Are you healthy?
-Disease free?


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Are You Changing Your Views?


Part of the “duty” of a personal trainer, is learning and research. Once one is certified, the real learning has just begun. I’m curious by nature and have so many interests keeping me busy–learning as many different angles on any particular subject that I can, to see where cards will lay. I think my superpower of ADHD keeps me from being married to several things; knowing that there’s always another way to look at something, any paradigm has its own set of moves and counter moves.
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2016 Dog Brothers Open Gathering

Dog Brothers Gathering

Call of the Wild

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Dog Brothers gathering here in Los Angeles, in North Hollywood. I’ve heard of this organization before and have watched quite a few Gathering videos (1), but have never attended one in person. Some of you know that I recently joined a Kali school (2), and two of our instructors are Dog Brothers (3).
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California Farmers Are Using Oil Field Water For Crops

Oil Rig

If you live in California, or consume produce from the state, then there’s a decent chance you’ve eaten a fruit or a vegetable that has been watered by oil field water. In Kern county, around 10% of the farmers utilize recycled water that Chevron has sold to them; using the water on close to 45,000 crops. This oil waste water program has been in effect for over 20 years now, and is celebrated by local officials but there’s growing concern these crops have been contaminated. Experts warn that the water testing should be given more rigor. While the standard tests for disease or pests are ongoing, at this time, no one is checking for water-born chemicals. That’s right folks, It isn’t known whether that orange, apple or walnut etc. from California you’re eating is actually safe to consume! For more on the story, head on over to LA Times.

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