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9-8-17 Facebook Live: Dealing with Low Energy

Cliff Notes from My Facebook Live on Energy


Check with your doctor first

-Have blood work done to make sure all of your health markers are okay.
-How is your thyroid?
-Are you nutrient deficient?
-Are you healthy?
-Disease free?


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Are You Changing Your Views?


Part of the “duty” of a personal trainer, is learning and research. Once one is certified, the real learning has just begun. I’m curious by nature and have so many interests keeping me busy–learning as many different angles on any particular subject that I can, to see where cards will lay. I think my superpower of ADHD keeps me from being married to several things; knowing that there’s always another way to look at something, any paradigm has its own set of moves and counter moves.
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2016 Dog Brothers Open Gathering

Dog Brothers Gathering

Call of the Wild

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Dog Brothers gathering here in Los Angeles, in North Hollywood. I’ve heard of this organization before and have watched quite a few Gathering videos (1), but have never attended one in person. Some of you know that I recently joined a Kali school (2), and two of our instructors are Dog Brothers (3).
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California Farmers Are Using Oil Field Water For Crops

Oil Rig

If you live in California, or consume produce from the state, then there’s a decent chance you’ve eaten a fruit or a vegetable that has been watered by oil field water. In Kern county, around 10% of the farmers utilize recycled water that Chevron has sold to them; using the water on close to 45,000 crops. This oil waste water program has been in effect for over 20 years now, and is celebrated by local officials but there’s growing concern these crops have been contaminated. Experts warn that the water testing should be given more rigor. While the standard tests for disease or pests are ongoing, at this time, no one is checking for water-born chemicals. That’s right folks, It isn’t known whether that orange, apple or walnut etc. from California you’re eating is actually safe to consume! For more on the story, head on over to LA Times.

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Do Personal Trainers Struggle Too?

Mud struggle

Knowledge Is Power Only If It’s Applied

With all the knowledge obtained from various certifications, CEU’s, and general schooling, some folks may be shocked to see that even some trainers struggle hitting their own goals. Today’s article is yet another reveal, or expose’ that I’m going to share with you–of some of my own struggles; letting you know that you’re not alone. We’re in THIS together!

If you’ve been a regular reader on this site, you can see that I have frequently talked about pain, struggle and weight issues. I’m a broken record perhaps, but so many of you out there are stuck in a rut, feeling like you have no hope, as I have felt. I’m still quite frustrated at times, I’m edumacated on a number of things, but so many set backs have kept me from reaching my full potential. Now, I’ll let you in on what I mean here. Against my better judgement, I’m going to admit and reveal things, that, perhaps, as a trainer I shouldn’t.
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Don’t Worry About Your DNA Focus On Your RNA

The fixed mindset

In the fixed mindset individual, the defeatist attitude is that either we’re born with “XYZ” or we’re simply not, which absolves all responsibility for change. While some folks may have more of a stacked deck than others; be it genetics, abilities etc, it doesn’t preclude others from working really hard and developing skills that don’t come natural to them. The growth mindset doesn’t take no for an answer regardless of what the experts say on what’s possible, or isn’t. Breaking the 4 minute mile comes to mind here. It was once believed that it’s scientifically impossible for a human to run a mile under 4 minutes, and a host of excuses were given why. Well, in 1954, a 25 year old named Roger Bannister tucked the skeptics into bed, kissed them good night and wished them sweet dreams, as his, became a reality–running the mile in 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds.

How have you made changes in your life that required hard work? Share below!

Disney Tried To Hide Their Nutrition Study

Mickey Mouse

It appears that Mickey Mouse is trying to make a clean get away. Disney recently funded a study on the nutrition of the meals served at Disney World, and then, they asked the authors not to publish it. The reported reason is because of the involvement with one of the researchers of the study, James Hill, which has had his own surrounding controversy. This information was revealed by emails secured by “STAT News”; they were told by a Disney spokesperson that it might not be in their best interest to have this study published. There’s some that question if there’s more involved, on why Disney didn’t want this study released. For more on the story, head over to CNBC.
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How Educated Are You?

Though I’m not knocking formal education, far too many people (it would seem) rely too much on it and refuse to continue growing in knowledge. We can learn a whole host of things in school and regurgitate what we’ve been told to memorize, but having random information in our noggin, ain’t helpful if we don’t have common sense. Common sense 101 is not taught in school and if we haven’t attended Hard Knocks University, we’re in danger of becoming an educated idiot. What we know isn’t as much important as how we apply what we know. This is what counts. The be like water attitude (awesome illustration Bruce!) is the one to have, to flow in and out of situations making decisions on the fly with needed street skills that you likely weren’t taught. In the real world, there’s variables that a textbook didn’t teach you. You may have been taught the black and white law of the letter, but it’s often the spirit of it that keeps you on the fast track of development.
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Overcoming A Negative Attitude

Overcoming The Negative Around You

Being Negative Is A Choice

I’ve been zeroing in on mindset a lot lately and today’s article will continue in this pattern. Really, without the proper mindset, we could know many a grand idea but if we don’t have the motivation, gusto, or if you just like to self sabotage from being negative, we’re going nowhere in our pursuits of change. I’ve voiced this before, but I’m a natural pessimist and the rah rah rah sis boom bah can do attitude is not my normal response to struggles and change. (There are exceptions to this, but I’m speaking generally)
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IMAX Wants To Make You Spin

IMAX, a company known for its dazzling displays–which has changed how theater goers watch movies–is branching out into fitness. Rather than kicking back for an hour or two, IMAX wants to see you kick it up a notch and sweat it out. Building upon its 1.7 billion dollar empire, their fitness venture IMAXShift can be called group cycling on steroids. With wall-to-wall screens and heart thumping sounds, the immersive experience of sight and sound will take you to far away lands, on a bike. IMAXShift CEO Bryan Marcovici is optimistic that this combination will change the way people think about exercising. For more on the story, head on over to CBS.
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My Post Workout Smoothie Recipe

A Post Workout Smoothie

A Matter Of Quality Control

There’s a ton of different options out there concerning protein shakes and some of them promise big things. There’s a smoothie for the hard gainer, others for those that are trying to cut up and one’s that will turn you green and into the Hulk. (Okay I’m kidding on that last one) If you look at the ingredients list of a number of these, you’ll see a lot of food-like substances and ingredients that may be questionable. After all, the supplement game is still by and large, the Wild Wild West and unregulated. While I’m not going to pull the appeal to nature fallacy here, I usually prefer to go the natural route with nutrition. That is unless it’s mercury, strychnine or lead. You with me so far? Great!

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Break On Through To The Other Side

Keep On Trying-FINISHED

It’s been said that the creator of the Formula 409 product failed 408 times before achieving success. As for as president Lincoln, he didn’t have much success in his pursuits until after the age of 40. I’ve heard it said that when doing something all the wrong ways, is actually ruling out the ways that it can’t be done, so the weeds can be cleared to show how it can be done. Yes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease and the crying baby gets the binky. (I tried real hard on that last one hehe) Don’t quit before your breakthrough happens!
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Pea Milk Being Developed

Photo Attribution:

New startup company Ripple, which is co-founded by Adam Lowry, is developing a milk derived from peas. Yes, peas. It has the same amount of protein as cows milk but with half the sugar and more calcium. (Its protein content is more than most of the almond milks out there too) The flavors that it comes in are original, vanilla, chocolate, and unsweetened. One potential downside is the price, coming in at $4.99 for a 48 ounce bottle–making it 4 times as expensive as milk from cows
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