9-8-17 Facebook Live: Dealing with Low Energy

Cliff Notes from My Facebook Live on Energy


Check with your doctor first

-Have blood work done to make sure all of your health markers are okay.
-How is your thyroid?
-Are you nutrient deficient?
-Are you healthy?
-Disease free?


Ideas on lowering stress

-Pet an animal.
Therapy dog offers stress relief at work
-Go for a walk, it lowers cortisol.
Boost your immune system, shake off stress by walking in the woods
-Get some “you time”. This includes prayer, meditation, self reflection, calming music, diffusing essential oils–such as mint, lavender, chamomile, and eucalyptus–that calm you down etc.


Supplements for energy

-Tea and coffee. Just don’t overdo it, okay?
-Pre and/or post workout powders for shakes.
Amazing Grass, Naked Energy, Smart Muscle, CytoGreens
-Blue green algae
-Other foods high in chlorophyll such as: chlorella, spirulina, wheat grass etc.
Green Foods May Power Your Cells Like Plants

Look into adaptogens, they help the body adapt to stress and a host of other things:
Stimulating effect of adaptogens

-Maca, get the gelatinized form. Maca is known as a “superfood of the Incas”.
Maca Powder
-Ashwagandha, is often used in Ayurvedic medicine.
Ashwagandha Root Powder
-Holy Basil



-Of course exercise gives us a that initial burst of energy from endorphins. Exercise lowers our stress also.
-It increases and enlarges mitochondria. Our mitochondria is the powerhouse of our cell, where we get our energy from.
Regular exercise also increases mitochondrial numbers in brain cells


Eating properly

-Eating the right foods, that are dense in nutrients.
-Make sure to get in enough calories for energy.


You might be over-training

-You can’t go all out all the time.
-Active recovery: sometimes you need to scale it back e. g. intensity, workload etc.
Active Recovery: The Secret To Maximizing Your Training!
-Take a week off time to time (some do it every 6-8 weeks).


Bonus Tip (Ugh, forget to mention in the video)

-Get a solid 7-9 hours of sleep. Low quality of sleep raises cortisol.
-Limit electronics and “brainy” things about an hour before bed. Your mind will try to keep processing this information after you’ve gone to bed, and could hamper you from sleeping.
Power Down for Better Sleep

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