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“I enjoyed the program. 267 down to 239 myself. Lookin forward to keepin it movin”.

Gerard B.

He was attentive to my needs in that I was very hesitant to start off going big so to speak. I really felt I wanted to ease back into the movements of strength training and he was very sensitive to that! I am grateful he cares for his clients in this way!”

Melissa C.

“My personalized program with Marpay Fitness was challenging and rewarding. I was pushed way out of my comfort zone, both physically and mentally, as I was encouraged to eat healthfully and push my body into levels of exercise I had not approached in nearly two decades. All of which was exactly what I asked for.”

Robin B.


My Story

…At one point I was 70 pounds overweight and out of control. It took me A LONG time to fight through a host of issues, to reclaim my health. I struggled and then I struggled some more. To this day, fitness doesn’t come easy for me…